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After a day of meetings at the office followed by a hectic commute, the last thing you want to do is get home and spend another 45 minutes in the kitchen fixing dinner. Before calling your favorite takeout place for a rescue, consider that a quick, inexpensive, and nutritious dinner could be just an egg

Over 30 million people suffer from migraine headaches in the United States. For many, migraines markedly decrease their mental, physical and social health, and lessen their overall quality of life. As a result, migraines are the most common type of headache for which patients seek treatment. Though a chronic, often inherited condition, migraines can be

Americans love their cars. And why shouldn’t they? Cars provide an unprecedented degree of mobility. Yet for all their advantages, deaths and injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for people of every age from 3 through 6 and 8 through 34, based on 2005 data from the National Highway

Ranked as our nation’s sixth leading cause of death, diabetes afflicts approximately 23.6 million Americans, according to the American Diabetes Association. Often described as the silent killer, diabetes can, if left untreated, lead to kidney failure, gangrene and amputation, stroke and many other serious health problems. Although there are several forms of diabetes, Type I

Revolutionary advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of age-related diseases in the past 100 years mean that Americans are living longer than ever before, according to research by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). The life expectancy of Americans has reached an all-time high of 77.8 years. As life expectancy for men and

The lower back is one of the hardest working areas in your body. Do you realize that you use your lower back for basically every activity, from sitting at your desk at work to driving a car and even holding a cup of water? As the colder weather rolls in, beware of lower back injury

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, there are many things to look forward to: delicious food, family parties and time to catch up with relatives. However, even though discussions at the dinner table during this time of year are generally light-hearted and amusing, there is a more serious topic families should consider addressing this holiday

It’s Halloween, a day when many parents turn a blind eye to the sweet treats their children consume. Sure, sugar is known to wreak havoc on teeth and is a likely contributing factor to the growing epidemic of childhood obesity, but can one day of sugar consumption really be all that harmful? According to Mark

It seems all too easy to find excuses to not workout. This is especially true during the winter months, when the temperatures drop, the sky turns dark, and the wind seems to start pushing you back indoors to the warmth of your couch. Health experts urge, however, that exercise should be incorporated into your everyday

We all know how important it is to maintain an active lifestyle. It’s also important to know how to treat injuries, both acute and chronic, that may occur as a result of activity and exercise. Common treatments for injuries involve the application of ice or heat, but do you know which type of injuries call