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Pharmacy Technician

Millcreek Community Hospital

SUMMARY: Under the direct supervision of Staff Pharmacists, the Pharmacy Technician has primary responsibility in the unit-dose, outpatient, intravenous admixture, and floor stock area. According to standard procedures, Pharmacy Technicians assist the Pharmacy Manager/Staff Pharmacists in dispensing medications and maintaining appropriate patient records and charges.


1. Performs dispensing and billing functions in the unit-dose drug distribution program. Patient profiles are accurately maintained by promptly entering new order and changes from physician medication orders. Unit-dose carts are accurately filled from current patient profiles. Technicians promptly and accurately deliver medications to hospital inpatient units. Medication orders are accurately and promptly transcribed and charged. Original orders are accurately filed and appropriate records and inventories are maintained as required. Technicians assist in compounding and dispensing medicinals of special nature that are not readily available from the manufacturers.

2. Performs dispensing functions in the centralized intravenous admixture program. Technicians aseptically prepare total parenteral nutrition solutions, antibiotics, and other medications for intravenous therapy. Small and large volume solutions are aseptically prepared and labeled in a prompt manner. After the pharmacist checks a completed admixture, Pharmacy Technicians promptly deliver the admixtures to the appropriate nursing units. Physician medication orders are efficiently entered into the computer system for accurate label, profile, and charge generation.

3. Performs dispensing functions for prescriptions. Prescriptions are accurately and efficiently processed for dismissal, emergency room, day surgery, outpatient clinic, and employee patients. Prescriptions are promptly read and the appropriate information is recorded to generate accurate prescription labels, profiles, and charges. Prescription records, patient profiles, completed prescription medications, stock medications are promptly and accurately delivered and filed.

4. Accurately and efficiently delivers floor stock medications to and from inpatient units. Inpatient units are accurately charged and credited for floor stock medications used. Appropriate records of charges and credits are accurately maintained and filed. Daily and monthly floor stock reports are generated for specific nursing units. Floor stock reports are accurately and promptly prepared in order to complete monthly financial reports.

5. Effectively communicates with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, other technicians, hospital personnel, and patients. Prompt and effective communication with health care personnel and patients promotes and ensures rational drug therapy.

6. Maintains a neat, clean, orderly, and well-stocked work area in the unit-dose intravenous admixture, and floor stock areas.

7. Performs all other job related duties as assigned by the Pharmacy Manager/Staff Pharmacist.


Minimum Education: High school or equivalent