Inpatient Rehabilitation

Inpatient Rehabilitation


The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit has an interdisciplinary team which consists of physicians, nurses, therapists from all disciplines, registered dietitian, clinical pharmacist and dedicated case manager. We believe that higher functional gains are achieved when patients are treated in a one-to-one setting, with the goal of returning the patient to the community following surgery or illness. We provide the specialized and comprehensive care that is required for recovery.

The rehabilitation team is committed to providing excellent individualized care in a professional, courteous, helpful and cooperative environment. Therapies will take place in functional areas which include a training kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, as well as separate gyms. Three hours of therapy are offered to each individual on a daily basis which will enhance an accelerated recovery which leads to better outcomes.

Devices such as the Alter G Bionic® leg and Bioness® units are a few of the latest in rehabilitation technology that are found in our inpatient unit. The Bionic Leg® is more than a rehab tool, it is a wearable mobility- training device. The Bioness® unit allows a patient to regain natural hand function through stimulation of nerves and muscles, and get them back to their normal daily activities.