Our History

Osteopathic medicine's roots center on the belief of the body being able to heal itself.

Our History

Erie’s Community-Based Hospital

The Teaching Hospital of the LECOM Academic Health Center

Osteopathic medicine’s roots center on the belief of the body being able to heal itself. This holistic approach to medicine was brought to Erie in the form of a community hospital over 50 years ago through the vision and efforts of six osteopathic physicians. These founding physicians believed it was not up to the public to give them a place to work. They wanted to supply the community with a place. Their dream was to provide an alternative medicine to all who wanted or needed its benefits. Their dream was realized on January 15, 1950, as the Erie Osteopathic Hospital was opened. The hospital was founded by Amedeo A. Agresti, D.O., Ben L. Agresti, D.O., Lloyd R. Bashaw, D.O., Richard W. Cooney, D.O., Otto A. Meyn, D.O., and H. Dale Pearson, D.O.


Our Founders and First Facility

The six founding physicians purchased a stone building on West Sixth street for the site of the Erie Osteopathic Hospital. The hospital’s services included a complete clinical laboratory, major and minor operating rooms, emergency room, outpatient service, a delivery and labor suite, an eight bassinet nursery, full X-ray Department, private and semi-private rooms, and two five-bed wards.

Between 1950 and 1958, many patients were served by the growing hospital. The cases recorded include 9200 patient admissions, 5849 operations, 1558 births, and over 16,000 x-ray cases. The growing hospital was in need of additional beds and parking spaces.

We Moved to Peach Street in 1958

So in 1958, a tract of six and one half acres in Millcreek Township was chosen to build a larger, more modern facility. This site proved feasible, being accessible from town and the surrounding area. The modern, one story hospital at 5515 Peach Street, could accommodate twice as many patients and would continue to include departments in medicine, surgery and obstetrics. It also established a department of general practice, reinforcing its commitment to a holistic approach to patient care, which is the cornerstone of the osteopathic philosophy.

After only five years at its new Millcreek site, the public’s demand for the hospital’s services had overburdened the facility. The Board of Trustee’s agreed that another fifty beds, plus larger labs and x-ray facilities must be added. As the facility expanded its support services, sophisticated electronic monitoring equipment and diagnostic equipment were purchased to maintain modern medical standards.

Millcreek Community Hospital Emerged in 1981

Millcreek Community Hospital became a reality on May 6, 1981, after 31 years of community service as Erie Osteopathic Hospital. Because the hospital wanted to forge a stronger geographic identity with Millcreek Township, it changed its name. The hospital leadership saw the growing need for new physicians and in 1992 founded the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Millcreek Community Hospital prides itself in its commitment to provide the best personal care possible for patients. Expansion continued with the addition of a fifth floor, three story addition, senior living skilled nursing expansions and the LECOM Health and Wellness Center.