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Corry Memorial Hospital

Corry Memorial Hospital Oncology Clinic

My husband has brain cancer. We transferred my husband’s treatments to Corry because it is so close to home. I love the people who work here. They are so caring and helpful. This clinic is the best.

Cynthia Troyer Corry Memorial Hospital Oncology Clinic Patient

Corry Memorial Hospital Oncology Clinic

I have been coming to the clinic for two years now. The doctors and nurses there are super. If you have any questions, they will give you an answer. And if you have a problem with meds, they help you through it. I know them by name, and they know mine. They treat me like family. I enjoy the hugs. They make you feel better. You couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people. I highly recommend them.

Tom Kalika Corry Memorial Hospital Oncology Clinic Patient

Corry Memorial Hospital Oncology Clinic

Two years ago, I heard the words no one wants to hear … ‘you have cancer.’ Once the shock wore off, I needed to make decisions regarding treatment. I discovered I could receive the prescribed treatment here in my own back yard. The Corry cancer center welcomed me with understanding and open arms. They quickly became my extended family. The program is well-organized and designed to meet individual, personal needs. I am a person the staff truly cares about. They are efficient, polite and friendly. They smile. I feel comfortable being treated in my own private cubicle and especially appreciate that they allow my family support to stay with me during treatment. The doctor is in the department and available to answer questions or to simply stop by to make sure I am doing well. The lab is just down the hall and prioritizes results in order to quickly get my treatment started. Scheduling my treatment is a breeze. They are flexible and work to book my appointment for times that are convenient for me. All this and more within minutes of my home rather than hours away. The cancer journey is difficult enough. The Corry cancer center takes some of that difficulty away and turns it into hope.

Albert Wood Corry Memorial Hospital Oncology Clinic Patient

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