Admissions & Registration

Millcreek Community Hospital strives to provide high quality and safe patient care. If for any reason you have concerns about the care provided, we encourage you to discuss this with your provider.

Admissions and Registration

Millcreek Community Hospital is dedicated to making sure you have the most positive healthcare experience possible. We want you to feel that you can recommend Millcreek to your family and friends without hesitation. That means providing not only excellent clinical care, but all the other information and services that make accessing that care more comfortable and convenient.

Millcreek Community Hospital strives to provide high quality and safe patient care. If for any reason you have concerns about the care provided, we encourage you to discuss this with your provider.


Millcreek Community Hospital participates with most insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. Prior to your hospital or clinic visit, check with your employer or insurance company to see if you have access to health care services at Millcreek, otherwise you may be responsible for all or a large portion of your bill.

Bring Your Health Insurance Information

Bring your complete health insurance information when you register. This includes identification, all insurance cards, and authorization forms. We will ask you to sign forms, such as a release of information, and possibly additional forms depending on your visit.

A List of All Medications

Please bring a list of all medications you currently or have taken recently, whether over-the-counter or prescription.

Inform Us of Changes

If you are a current patient, please inform us if your personal or insurance information has changed since your last visit. The lack of current information can cause payment delays or denials that may ultimately leave you responsible for payment.

Making Co-payments

Co-payments for the hospital care are due on the day you receive services. If your insurance requires it, you will need to pay for estimated coinsurance or deductibles related to your care. If you have any questions regarding your co-payments or deductibles, please call your insurance company.

Making Deposits

For certain procedures not covered by insurance, you may be required to pay a deposit or pay for the service in full prior to your care.

Authorization of Services

Most health plans require authorization, particularly for elective services and may require you to notify your primary care physician. If your insurance company decides your service was not medically necessary, is a pre-existing condition, or is not a covered service, you will be asked to pay at the time of service.
Consent = Financial Responsibility

The person who consents to medical treatment will be financially responsible for the bill, including legal guardians of a child.

Medicare Patients: What to Expect

If you are a Medicare patient, you will be asked a series of questions regarding your status including other insurance you may have; and your retirement. These questions are required by law and must be asked each time you visit us. If you are covered by Medicare, we will submit your claims to Medicare on your behalf.

When Medicare Doesn’t Cover a Service

Medicare requires we provide only those services approved by Medicare as deemed medically necessary. In the event the service is not covered by Medicare, we may ask you to sign a notice that makes you financially responsible for the services provided. Additionally, we will bill you and/or your supplemental insurance carrier for services not covered by Medicare such as self-administered medications and routine health exams. However, if neither covers these services you will be responsible for payment for these services.

Financial Assistance or Payment Plans

If you anticipate problems paying your portion of your bill, please let us know. We can help you apply for other types of financial assistance or payment plans. For an explanation of the hospital financial assistance policy please click here to download the Financial Assistance Policy Summary and Application.

Rates and Basis for Financial Assistance:

If you qualify for financial assistance, discounts in the form of Charity Care are applied. (See Financial Assistance Income Scale in the Hospital Charity Care policy. Click here to download and review the Hospital Charity Care Policy.

After Your Visit

Respond promptly to requests from your insurance company for additional information. These requests must be handled before payment can occur.


If a patient has difficulty speaking or understanding English, or if the patient’s hearing is impaired, the hospital will provide assistance. Please notify your nurse. At other times and for other languages, the hospital has interpreters accessible. Sign language interpreters are available to assist the hearing impaired.