The Nursing Department at Millcreek will continue to meet the challenges of an evolving health care system, while utilizing resources effectively.



The Nursing Department at Millcreek Community Hospital is committed to individualized quality care. Our focus is on the totality of human behavior, encompassing the mind, body, and spirit. The Nursing Department provides need fulfillment to the highest level possible regardless of race, gender, religion, diagnosis, or socioeconomic status. Need fulfillment extends beyond the individual; integrating the family and significant others in obtaining wellness and maintaining health. When wellness is not achievable, quality and comfort will be provided. Collectively, the Nursing Department is committed to excellence. Coordinating interdisciplinary collaboration, the Department ensures the highest standards of care. The Nursing Department at Millcreek will continue to meet the challenges of an evolving health care system, while utilizing resources effectively.


The Department of Nursing at Millcreek Community Hospital will:

1. Provide nursing service collaboratively within the interdisciplinary setting based on the basic beliefs outlined in Millcreek Community Hospital’s Philosophy of Nursing and within the legal and ethical framework of the Pennsylvania Nurse Practice Act.
2. Evaluate various nursing care delivery modalities based on changing consumer needs and available nursing resources.
3. Implement strategies that promote quality, cost effective care to all consumers.
4. Promote and enhance collegiality among all practicing disciplines at Millcreek Community Hospital.
5. Foster attributes and characteristics of professional nursing practice and encourage an atmosphere in which professionalism flourishes.
6. Uphold the qualities of autonomy, accountability, commitment, and awareness within the purpose and direction of nursing.
7. Evaluate care based on Professional Standards of Practice, outcome measurement for critical core areas of care delivery, use of quality assurance criteria and American Osteopathic Association, and American Hospital Association standards.
8. Continue to facilitate self-improvement for all nursing personnel by flexible approval for on going and continuous learning.
9. Participate in the development and implementation of healthcare services designed to meet the changing needs of the community.
10. Promote an environment conducive to staff involvement in decision making activities to enhance the quality of care delivered.
11. Promote an environment that reinforces the self worth of all personnel.
12. Provide staff development activities that will promote improved care through the enhancement of nursing practice.
13. Support long-range plans developed for Millcreek Community Hospital.
14. Work with the Hospital Mission in the forefront.
15. Promote patient safety in the Healthcare setting.