Every physician combines extensive training, communications skills and a personable manner diagnosing a wide range of illnesses.


Family Medicine
Wherever you live in Erie County, a LECOM Clinical Practices’ family medicine physician is nearby. Our experienced, family-focused physicians provide the essential first-line care for patients of all ages. Every family medicine physician combines extensive training, communications skills in a personable manner diagnosing and treating a wide range of illnesses and conditions on a daily basis.

The mission of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at LECOM Clinical Practices is to be the best provider of women’s healthcare in the community. We are committed to patient advocacy and customer service and strive to maintain the highest standards.

Orthopedic and Vascular Surgery and Sports Medicine
Drawing on the latest advances in medical, physical, rehabilitative, and surgical methods, LECOM Clinical Practices Orthopedic and Vascular Surgery specialists offer  personalized, outcome-oriented care that gets you back to good health as quickly as possible. LECOM Sports Medicine specialists are dedicated to serving the total needs of athletes through prevention, performance and treatment. Our focus is more than just treating injuries, we provide total patient care through injury prevention, performance enhancement and education to our patients.

General Surgery
LECOM Clinical Practices surgeons offer the finest innovative, up to date surgical care available in Erie County. Our surgeons take a multidisciplinary approach, working in close cooperation with their colleagues in primary care and other specialty areas, ensuring that patients receive unparalleled care today and for years to come.

Geriatric Medicine
LECOM Clinical Practices is dedicated to meeting the growing needs of the aging population in the community by providing clinical services within the specialty of geriatrics. The LECOM Institute for Successful Aging offers primary care and consultative clinical services in geriatric medicine across the entire continuum of care.

The mission of the Ophthalmology group is the cure and prevention of eye disease through clinical care, research and education. The department offers a comprehensive array of services to patients and educational and research opportunities to physicians who are both in training and in practice.

Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine at LECOM Clinical Practices offers a full range of quality care, including primary medicine and state of the art specialty services. Our highly skilled and experienced physicians provide an essential first-line care for adult patients. Our philosophy is to treat every patient holistically – as part of the family unit and the community – to attain the highest standards of excellence and provide the best, quality care.