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Parkside at Westminster Testimonials

I have been living at Parkside Westminster since May of 2017. Prior to that I lived in larger apartment for 7 years. I moved to Parkside about a year after my husband died. I had some health issues and was very lonely. I absolutely love it here. My apartment is beautiful. Staff and residents are welcoming and accommodating. There’s lots to do and much less to worry about. Responsiveness for all of the staff is exceptional. My health issues have greatly improved and I am no longer lonely Parkside was the perfect move for me!
Janet (Jan) Bergkessel


I have lived at Parkside Westminster going on 4 years, and have not regretted it at all. Everyone here on the staff starting with our director on down to the cleaning ladies are very accommodating for all the residents. We feel it is our home and we enjoy being here. Being close to the Malls and churches, etc. is also great. We have entertainment on a regular basis and have a lot of good times and fellowship. We laugh a lot! In closing, this is a wonderful place to live in our golden years.