Senior Living Services

LECOM Senior Living Services

Rehabilitation services are effective

At the LECOM Senior Living Center (SLC) our comprehensive rehabilitation programs offer our residents the opportunity to achieve their goals. For many residents, rehabilitation provides them with the opportunity to resume their former lifestyles. Other residents discover that our programs encourage optimal independence, high self-esteem, and motivation. Each resident lives as independently as possible within the facility.Our rehabilitation programs have proven to be beneficial to residents presenting with a wide variety of conditions: strokes, orthopedic procedures, amputations, and other clinically complex situations. Our physical, occupational, and speech therapy services are provided by our team of licensed or certified therapists who are committed to enhancing the quality of life for our residents.Our rehabilitation team works with the entire SLC staff to ensure that each resident has the opportunity to reach their highest level of independence. Residents who are able to return home are provided with home evaluations to assure that any adaptations or accommodations are made to make the return home successful.

Our Rehabilitation Department provides:

  • Physical Therapy – Our physical therapists work with residents to restore their highest level of functioning, improve their mobility, and to relieve their pain. The physical therapists’ goal is to restore, maintain and promote each resident’s overall health and fitness.
  • Occupational Therapy – Our occupational therapists work with residents to improve their ability to perform tasks of daily living. The occupational therapists work with residents who have physical conditions that are challenging physically, mentally, and emotionally. The primary goal of our occupational therapists is to assist residents with developing, recovering, or maintaining skills for daily living.
  • Speech Therapy – Our speech therapists help residents who have deficits with speech and voice, language and communication, swallowing disorders, and cognitive functioning problems.
  • Restorative Nursing – At the SLC, our Restorative Nursing program is guided under the direction of a registered nurse for those residents who do not require formal physical or occupational therapy services. Individualized restorative activities help our residents improve or maintain their independence as long as possible. Our goal is to aid residents in achieving optimal physical, psychological, emotional and social potential in order to maintain dignity and self-respect. The restorative program is nursing staff working closely with physicians and therapists to develop the best plan for residents with activities including ambulation exercises, dining skills, range of motion exercises, etc.