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The main focus of the CRNA job is to provide high-quality, evidence-based anesthesia and pain care services at all acuity levels, for all patients, and for a number of different reasons in a variety of settings:

characteristic job tasks and responsibilities:

  • Performing comprehensive health histories and physicals
  • Conducting pre-anesthesia evaluations
  • Obtaining informed consents for anesthesia
  • Overseeing the development of a patient plan of care
  • Prescribing, and administering drugs and controlled substances (where permitted)
  • Selecting/inserting both invasive and noninvasive monitoring modalities
  • Providing acute, chronic, and interventional pain management services
  • Providing critical care and resuscitation services
  • Ordering and evaluating diagnostic tests
  • Requesting consultations
  • Performing point-of-care testing
  • Planning and initiating anesthetic techniques, including general, regional, local and sedation
  • Utilizing anesthetic techniques such as ultrasound, fluoroscopy, and other technologies to improve diagnosis and care delivery and improve patient safety and comfort
  • Responding to emergency situations using airway management and other techniques
  • Facilitating emergence and recovery from anesthesia
  • Providing post-anesthesia care, including medication management
  • Conducting post-anesthesia evaluations
  • Performing discharge services