About Us

The Senior Living Center's proximity to the hospital will allow for a continuum of care, if they require acute hospitalization and transitional care. 

About the LECOM Senior Living Communities

LECOM Health has introduced the next generation of health care for older adults with a new Senior Living Center (SLC) that is bringing together exciting and innovative, patient-centered health care. The SLC is a center of excellence for adult nursing care in Erie, Pa. LECOM invested more than $42 million in the 151,000-square-foot, skilled-nursing facility. The five-story facility houses 138 private rooms grouped in neighborhoods of 18 rooms on four of the five floors. The center is an exciting and innovative, patient-centered health care facility and a place to educate the future physicians, pharmacists and dentists.

For its residents, the LECOM Senior Living Center has the feel of home while also providing a higher level of care to the regions growing elderly population. The Center keeps with LECOM’s historical focus on osteopathic medicine and caring for the whole person; ­mind, body, and spirit. The LECOM Senior Living Center makes LECOM Health the only health system in Northwestern Pennsylvania able to provide a true continuum of care. Our goal will not just be adding years to seniors lives, but adding life to their years.

Each of the facilities 144 residents have private rooms with private bathrooms. The living spaces have been designed with their comfort, privacy, and need for space in mind.

Each floor also has communal dining areas and activity areas that allow residents to better know their neighbors and to allow staff to better support residents individual needs and interests.

Other features and amenities of the facility include:

  • A dedicated rehabilitation area for physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • A full-service pharmacy, spa, beauty salon, and restaurant
  • Geriatric outpatient services
  • An indoor corridor connecting the facility to Millcreek Community Hospital

The Senior Living Center’s proximity to the hospital will allow for a continuum of care if patients require acute hospitalization and transitional care. It is the latest addition to a growing academic health campus that includes the John M. and Silvia Ferretti Medical Fitness and Wellness Center and MCH.