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Why Wellness Exams Are So Important

Regular meetings with your primary care physician are important to ensure good health and wellness. Many people think that if they are healthy, they can skip an annual wellness visit, but this isn’t the case. A wellness visit is your opportunity to discuss your health and to bring forward any new or existing concerns. It is also a chance for you to discuss your current medications and vaccinations. A wellness visit is not to be confused with a physical examination.
Wellness visits help establish a baseline history and to create a health goal for you and your family. This only benefits you in the future in the instance that any new health concerns arise.
During the visit, your physician will provide a health risk assessment and several other age-related assessments. The purpose is to determine if you are at risk for future illnesses. Once completed, your doctor may recommend further screenings if concerns arose during the assessment.
LECOM Health geriatric and internal medicine specialist Douglas Fronzaglia, D.O. says, “If you are a senior, annual wellness visits are available at no cost to all Part B Medicare beneficiaries as a way to provide preventative services that help ensure maximum health through disease prevention and early detection, care planning, lifestyle modification, and coordination of care with other specialists, all with the goal of maximum enjoyment of their senior years. These exams are free to seniors every year.”
Take care of your health today and in the future by scheduling your wellness exam today. Dr. Fronzaglia is located at 4002 Schaper Avenue, Erie. To schedule your wellness visit call (814) 866-2311.
Douglas Fronzaglia, D.O., is a geriatric and internal medicine specialist and a fellowship-trained physician with the LECOM Institute for Successful Aging. He specializes in preventive and acute care of the adults and the elderly and manages patients both in the hospital and at multiple nursing and personal care communities in Erie and Crawford counties. Dr. Fronzaglia is vice chief of staff at Millcreek Community Hospital where he also serves as medical director for the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. He is also a certified wound care specialist and attending physician with the LECOM Institute for Advanced Wound Care.