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Yueling Li

Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Office Location LECOM Institute for Behavioral Health
4740 Peach Street Erie, PA 16509
Ph: (814) 454-3174

James Y. Lin, D.O.

Geriatrics and Internal Medicine
Primary Care Physician
Office Location Institute for Successful Living
5401 Peach Street, Ste 3400 Erie, PA 16509
Ph: (814) 868-2200

Ryan Lynch, D.O.

Office Location(s) LECOM Institute for Successful Aging
5535 Peach Street, Ste 1200 Erie, PA 16509
Ph: (814) 868-3488
Corry Memorial Hospital Rural Health Clinic
965 Shamrock Lane Corry, PA 16407
Ph: (814) 664-3979